“Kavitha is PASSIONATE about good food – like me! Whenever I visit her and her husband Ritesh and little daughter Diya – she puts on THE MOST INCREDIBLE SPREAD – be it lunch, dinner, breakfast or all three!
She is a natural, effortless cook who makes everything look easy, taught by her mother and her grandmother before her in the art of Kerala Cuisine – and I don’t just mean delicious, home made, authentic meals – but fresh, healthy meals; the type of food you want to eat all the time, not just now and again or on special occasions.
I practically live on Kavitha’s Spicy Baked Beans since she gave me the recipe; am positively addicted to her Spiced Cardamom Tea and use any excuse to whip up her Sweet Vermicelli ‘Rice Pudding’ now I know how.  And don’t get me started on her Prawn Masala!! Fast, finger licking, Indian food to die for!!
But best of all, Kavitha’s knowledge goes beyond taste into the realms of Ayurvedic medicine – very handy if you have a cold or a cough, can’t sleep or feel bloated and want to eat your way to health.
And if you ever get chilli in your eye (or anywhere else for that matter) Kavitha is the girl to call! She cured me in seconds with a mere splash of olive oil. Now that’s a friend indeed!
And before you ask… NO!!! You don’t need a shopping list as long as your arm, a cupboard FULL of spices or lots of time on your hands to rustle up a healthy, Kerala meal. You just need a little Kavitha know how and a lot of love for really good, home cooked food, so give it a go! Your stomach will thank you!”
Sophie Seiden 
Friend and TV Producer
With credits including “Nigella Kitchen”, “Great British Menu” and “Saturday Kitchen” (all views are my own.) 



“If you’re not familiar with south Indian cuisine, it may be helpful to think of it like north Indian cuisine (the fare you typically find in your local curry parlours) on a tropical holiday; wonderful coastal ingredients such as coconut and fresh seafood seasoned with rich and aromatic spices of the kind Indian food is famous for, all providing complex and perfectly balanced flavours. Kavitha’s cuisine exemplifies what the food of Kerala – archetypal south Indian cuisine – is all about. Her recipes are based on those learnt from her mother (and previous generations of Keralan home cooks), so you can be sure that not only are her dishes truly authentic, but they are also tried, tested, tweaked and tuned so that the result is mouthwatering dishes cooked and seasoned to perfection. Kavitha is also passionate about healthy and flavoursome food that everyone can enjoy, so she is particular about using quality ingredients and is as content serving up tasty vegetarian dishes (which Keralan food is replete with) as hearty seafood or chicken dishes. Her curries and side dishes can also be adapted according to individual preferences – she knows how to turn up the heat for chilli lovers who revel in working up a sweat when eating but can easily tone it down without losing any of the punch for diners who prefer not to have steam escaping their ears during a meal. We are lucky she’s pursuing her dream of cooking for a wider audience than her (extremely!) appreciative family and friends and is planning to share her beautiful recipes with us through her blog and ultimately her cookbook!”

Prerna Mankad
Co-Author LaSalette Cook Book

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