kav engagement picKavitha Sood was born and raised in Kerala, India and came to London to study her MBA where she met her Punjabi husband. A  lifelong passion for food  has lead her to launch a Pop-Up Restaurant with cooking demonstrations. The  intention is to complete her first cook book by the end of 2013.

Another aim of  the Pop-Up Restaraunt is to erase the misconception that “Eating Curry every day is unhealthy” and encourage people to have an interest in cooking curries at home.

Kerala also known as “Gods Own Country” is famous for its scenery and exotic foods.

Kerala Cuisine offers a large platter of opportunities for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.  Cooking in Kerala is all about spices, aromas and textures based on Ayurvedic principles.

Please join Kavitha’s Cuisine to experience a refreshing healthy feast and learn how to cook healthy curries.


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